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You Really CAN Change Anything In Your Life… (even if it seems impossible right now)

But ONLY IF You Know This First.

The reality is, you don’t get “Better” at creating.  

You are ALWAYS creating.  Everything in your life is there right now (yes, everything) because of your unlimited powers to create.  If there are UNWANTED parts of your life, experiences that you do not like, you CANNOT get rid of them by denying your power that put them there.  

You change your life by fully grasping EXACTLY how you are creating, and by making the unconscious, conscious.  Then you adjust your energy and focus (this program gives you very powerful ways to accomplish this) every day… and watch in amazement as your reality begins to mirror these adjustments right back to you.

Imagine if you could change ONE THING right now in your life (you can, by the way).

What would you change?   

Perhaps you’d like to have more energy and confidence, so that each day you feel calm and clear… on purpose.  

Or maybe you’d enjoy having deeper positive connections with people who really respect and appreciate you for WHO you are, people who share your values and enthusiasm for life; fellow adventurers on the path of Life.  

Perhaps you would love to feel the RELIEF of seeing a steady stream of money… as larger sums come into your pocket with ease and joyful relaxed energy.  Would this help you out, seeing your bank balance growing steadily so that you never again feel stress about money?  

All of this is not only possible… it is the inevitable RESULT of PROPER THOUGHT and then following the inspired actions that make each day a delightful game of productive, engaged energy.


Ultimate Mind is an exciting journey through the practices and philosophies that will guide you step by step back to your natural powers of conscious creation.  You can create the EXACT life you desire, in far LESS time than you think.

Reserved for a select few worldwide, Ultimate Mind is more than the last personal growth course you’ll ever need, it’s a community of truly special people who support one another along the path of life.

Ultimate Mind takes place in 12 Sessions over 6 weeks, culminating in a members only celebration in Los Angeles, California. This means we are having an Ultimate party, and you’re all invited 🙂

Beyond the material and lessons, you have the opportunity to engage and be part of a truly unique and special community… “Ultimates” are those who cherish the possibilities of LIFE and who direct their well trained minds to the FULLEST experience and expression of their “Impossible” Dreams… departing from old, outdated philosophies that emphasize or glorify suffering and struggle. 

Life is supposed to be fun. And you have the ultimate power to direct forces seen and unseen towards the constant fulfillment of your every desire.  This happens rapidly once you understand it… and when those “impossible” dreams start flowing in, you’ll laugh at how fast and easy it all flows for you.  You’ll move through each day with natural confidence and power, and watch in amazement as your thoughts become things with remarkable precision.



The Ultimate Mind journey includes 12 live sessions over 6 weeks.


How to get the most out of this journey, so that you begin to see results fast.


This is the filter of beliefs – the barrier between you and your dreams – that must be eliminated in order for you to make your impossible dreams a reality.  This session will show you how to release years of emotional and mental (even physical) limitations in MINUTES, not years.  Literally change the channel on Reality itself.


This is the source of all physical creation.  Every religious tradition and ancient spiritual practice recognizes this concept.  What you will find in this session is practical, usable information so that you not only understand this idea but can use it for living a limitless life.


This is your personal source of creativity, energy and inspiration.  Basically, your own “Cosmic Google”. This is where songs, art, inventions, solutions, and insights come from.  When you develop a healthy relationship with your Well, you live fearlessly because you have access to perfect information and make decisions powerfully.


What springs forth from the Well once the ideas start to form?  Your Wishes, of course!  These are the fully fleshed out ideas, your most compelling desires, your “impossible dreams”.  These are the EXACT results and unmistakably inspired actions that make every day a dream come true.  This session will show you how make your own Wishes come true (no matter how big they seem).


As you gain clarity, confidence and power, you’ll want to have a Path that makes sense.  This session will help you understand your own unique Purpose, and how to craft a lifestyle of personal and professional harmony.


Productivity matters.  But you shouldn’t have to stress over your work or projects!  This session shows you how to plan your work (and work your plan) with steady focus and energy so that you never again experience burnout, overwhelm or frustration.


What good is information if you don’t OWN IT, as a part of who and what you are?  This session gives you exact practices to make conscious creation your New Normal, and put your lifelong success on autopilot.


Use the Ultimate Mind concepts and practices to tap into your body’s natural energy, as you see how to use the power of frequencies to code new patterns of physical vitality and health into your cells.  This causes your body to vibrate at a higher resonance where you live in an elevated state of vitality that gets better with time.


You are deserving of as much love and lovability as your heart can imagine receiving.  This session will connect you with your true powers of being a Lover in ways that are healthy, potent and incredibly magnetic.  Prepare for attraction of greater love as you clear the space and call in your highest vision of what’s really possible.


Money may not “buy” happiness..  but it sure gives you LOTS of fun ways to EXPRESS your happiness!  And there is actually as much money for you right now as you can imagine yourself receiving.  This session shows you how to tune your “Wealth Frequency” to become the most financially abundant, responsible and value-creating version of yourself possible.  Money gives you freedom to express your soul’s song… and there is a vast fortune just waiting to rush into your life, as soon as you unblock old patterns.


This is where you and your fellow Ultimates celebrate your progress and the journey of conscious creation.  You will marvel at how far you’ve come, how much life has changed, and yet how simple it all really is. You’ll feel more like YOU, and see how to keep this delightful new momentum going.


"So how is my experience with Ultimate Mind so far? F*****g AWESOME! This program has been the single best investment I have ever made in myself. Ever. Bar none. I am not the same. I am free to enjoy my beautiful life more fully."
- Terri D
"You are providing information in a way that is clear but also very elaborated. You can feel all the work and years of experience behind your words. It is not an empty speech. It is real and full of information to take immediately and at the same time, to decode slowly...By far, this is the best course I could have chosen. And it is so powerful that seems to be a game changer."
- Tamara T
"Your newest training, Ultimate Mind, is sooooo good! 🙂 I find myself being grateful ALL THE TIME. I look back and see all the "impossible dreams" that I have already accomplished. It's remarkable. I am so aware! I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. I am honored to be a part of this. It is truly life changing. I continue to grow every day. I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was a year ago, and you are a tremendous part of that today. Thank you so much."
- Angela F
"My daily goal is to be available to love, support, elevate, and connect with the souls of people I encounter—and to feel deeply the joy of living in that way. I’ve found that my fears of the future, money issues, and job issues have fallen away in the process. Life is simpler and easier, and much lighter and brighter. As I guide people on a daily basis in a variety of situations, there is so much I have learned from you and Mike, both in Legacy and Ultimate Mind, that finds its way into that guidance. It’s all still so new to me, but there’s a sense that it’s always been with me, too, and a real confidence about it. "
- Mike M
"I love all the people in UM, thank you for bringing us together. Appreciation for you...also cannot put into words. But my heart and soul fills with the teachings you have given me and all of us..I can never thank you enough."
- Beatrice C
"Jesse! Thanks again for everything you do. I still can’t believe you showed up in my life! I am finally now living my life, making a difference in my circle and my circle is growing fast!!! As you’ve mentioned a few times, I keep getting the sense this might be the last training I need because you have given us the tools. But I am just excited and can’t wait to see what you will continue to co-create with us!!!"
- Tim L
"I have absolutely loved this group and going through all the sessions. I feel completely charged and challenged as I am moving toward and achieving my impossible dream step-by-step. The results, ideas, and inspiration are literally nothing less than miraculous. I would not have thought myself here six weeks ago."
- Ryan N
"I want to thank you ... for something that is so precious, valuable and abundant... I’m talking about THE COLLECTION, that was gifted to us without giving it very much of attention within this program. But ... oh, wow. If there is anybody in Ultimate Mind missing any “specifics” ... let me tell you: It’s all in there !!! Just started 12 Rituals and 360 Mentor Academy and it helped me already so much in the overall progress. So much of a value! Thank you once again, Jesse. 👍"
- Klaudia R
"My impossible dream came true!!! which was 'no more depression ever again'. since april 20th i haven't had a relapse - and today is june 21st!!! I'm so amazed! I still create some of the same negative thoughts, but I can see them now as what they are, not identifying with them, thus not giving them my energy. I can see the old momentum and I can also see that it's loosing its power slowly but surely. The most powerful tool for accomplishing this is Jesse's stern voice, saying ’ STOP IT!' - this really catapults me back into nowness, into reality, burning the veil completely. Wooooah! So powerful."
- Liina K
"The most fascinating thing for me is that these sessions are like the deep magical truths that are shared between very small secret groups of Beloveds (like, two people or three where there is deep trust and intimacy), and yet you are bringing it to 150 of us, and it is rippling out through the grid rapidly...... SUCH a time of Quickening!!!!! I didnt know this was possible. Good job 😉 !!!!!"
- Arrielle S
""This entire course is pushing my limits and state of mind forward and I am simply becoming a better person in front of my eyes, I can feel myself more and as a consequence influence my surrounding. I acknowledge more joyful moments, which I was lacking."
- Martin K
"I already had access to your collection for at least the past year. It's interesting - those programs helped get me in the right head space to put up some serious points last year financially - taking my 1:1 consulting biz from one or two clients to right at about a half-a-million/year biz. What a thrilling ride it was! I entered this program struggling a bit to find the balance, and I've been completely re-energized by just how much energy has been circulating in the group, and how openly you have been sharing."
- Philip P
"It has not only delivered but has without doubt been the most profound training. I have explored with you from the moment I saw your time piercer video. That was the start of knowing soul energy, of coming back to myself. I am connected to myself, I have always been, but the UM training knocked me back to source flow, to the recognition of now."
- Kate K
"So many impossible dreams came true! I now understand how important is to feel it first, this is what I made always and everything came! And now I have the power just order what I want! Is F crazy! No fears any more. I just have to say that I am happy, so happy with myself, that I feel with the power to create what I want!"
- Arantxa I
"The past few weeks I got over myself. After spending time at the Well, I created a Facebook Business page and created some material that I want to use in my (to start) coaching business. I have some ideas about gathering a tribe of soul aligned followers. I am also preparing myself to quit my fulltime corporate job and start up my (online) coaching business."
- Andrea H
"This group has been so much help for me. I’ve been taking time to create, I’ve busted out my guitar and have played every day this week. I’ve got our my paper and pencil and have been drawing. I’ve been sharing some of my feelings more openly about dark secrets I’ve kept with the people that can help me. I’ve opening up, and totally realizing the choices I make; and why I make them. The alchemising is getting faster for me. Much love to you all, and again shout out to my brother Jesse for being a great lighthouse. Much love to this group, keep radiating that light and love. 😘"
- Monica Z
"Guys, this s**t delivers. I am still in awe. I'm learning that the good stuff is in exploring the resistance. Feeling good, on default, is a necessary pre-requirement to upgrade our lives ... it lets us see where there is resistance that we can eliminate. And then we can just shine, shine , shine, right past & through our impossible visions all the way to the stars. Love you guys. Thank you Jesse Elder & all of you beautiful people for letting me celebrate my victory here, among peers who really understand what I am saying, who really understand the power of this realization. and for simply being dope :)"
- Celeste C


The Ultimate Mind program is limited to 150 powerful co-creators, and the program is already selling out.

The first Ultimate Mind groups filled up, and this group may be the last time Jesse teaches the material live.  

As of today, Jesse has no plans to teach it live in the future.   

However if you are reading this, there are some spots left.

If you register and receive a refund, it means the program has filled.

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$799 x 2 Payments

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