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with Jesse Elder



There are THREE levels to choose from:

Course Access (Recordings Only) – $497

Live Participation (attend the Zoom sessions Live) – $997

Community Membership – $1997

(Full Package – all of the above, plus Facebook Group membership, and includes admission to our Live Event in Austin in March).

Here are the links to register:

Ultimate Mind 6 – Course Access (Recordings Only)  

Ultimate Mind 6 – Live Participation (Zoom)  

UM6 – Live Participation (PAYMENT PLAN)  

Ultimate Mind 6 – Community Membership  

UM6 – Community Membership (PAYMENT PLAN)  


Ultimate Mind 6


Welcome/Orientation Week Begins on Jan 10.


Week 1: 

Brain Wave Training through beginning and advanced meditation


Week 2: 

The Opportunity Map: Gain a “satellite perspective” on your Vision and its components, to increase your confidence, clarity and direction.


Week 3: 

The Luck Multiplier: Use this tool to attract fortunate chances, inspiration in others, and overall well being.


Week 4: 

Silent Leadership: How to become the most influential person in any room by tapping into the collective energy and desires of others, which liberates them from fear and confusion, bringing up the vibration of the space for the highest good.


Week 5: 

Personal Resilience Practices: How To Become A “Navy SEAL” for Light, Love and Legacy


Week 6: 

Community Building 101: How to attract a tribe of like-minded individuals who share your values and vision.  Growth is only fun if it’s shared.


Week 7: 

Genius Unleashed: How to tap into Flow States for accelerated creativity, inspired projects and higher productivity


Week 8: 

Community Upgrade Marathon: Bring your ideas, questions and insights for feedback and customized advice.

Sessions will be on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 am Central.


Learn how to eliminate suffering, heal old emotional wounds, and dissolve past traumas, so that you reclaim your natural power and become the highest frequency version of you that you were born to be.

You Really CAN Change Anything In Your Life… (even if it seems impossible right now)


The reality is, you don’t get “better” at creating.  


You are ALWAYS creating.  Everything in your life is there right now (yes, everything) because of your unlimited powers to create.  If there are UNWANTED parts of your life, experiences that you do not like, you CANNOT get rid of them by denying your power – the power that put them there.  

You change your life by fully grasping EXACTLY how you are creating, and by making the unconscious, conscious.  Then you adjust your energy and focus (this program gives you very powerful ways to accomplish this) every day… and watch in amazement as your reality begins to mirror these adjustments right back to you.


Imagine if you could change ONE THING right now in your life (you can, by the way).


What would you change?   


Perhaps you’d like to have more energy and confidence, so that each day you feel calm and clear… on purpose.  


Or maybe you’d enjoy having deeper positive connections with people who really respect and appreciate you for WHO you are, people who share your values and enthusiasm for life; fellow adventurers on the path of Life.  


Perhaps you would love to feel the RELIEF of seeing a steady stream of money… as larger sums come into your pocket with ease and joyful relaxed energy.  Would this help you out, seeing your bank balance growing steadily so that you never again feel stress about money?  


All of this is not only possible… it is the inevitable RESULT of PROPER THOUGHT and then following the inspired actions that make each day a delightful game of productive, engaged energy.


Ultimate Mind is an exciting journey through the practices and philosophies that will guide you step by step back to your natural powers of conscious creation.  You can create the EXACT life you desire, in far LESS time than you think.