PrimeLight Live

Unleash your ability to create profound success and happiness in your life.

Austin, TX | April 27th & 28th


Experience growth on a whole new level

You have always envisioned life on your terms. A future with no financial worries, doing what you love with the people you love.

Society says in order to reach your ideal lifestyle, you must work endless hours and make huge sacrifices. This is not true. Working harder and more frequently will NOT get you the results you want financially, emotionally, creatively, or in any capacity.

The only thing that gets you the results you want is vision fueled action. My PrimeLight training will take you step-by-step and show you exactly how to manifest your dreams quickly and powerfully.

If you’re serious about getting good at life, this event is for you.

Practice the life-changing benefits of the PrimeLight Method:

Less Waiting

PrimeLight is a 20-minute daily practice that will allow you to manifest your dreams quickly and powerfully. You don’t need to wait to live a better life.

More Confidence

Because this practice connects you deeply with your path and purpose, you will know exactly the right decisions to make at all times. Your best next steps will be clear.

Measurable Results

Nothing works better for getting you the real, measurable results you’re looking for. You’re closer than you think to accomplishing your goals.

You will leave this event thinking and feeling differently.

PrimeLight Live Graduates

“Coming to a place where you can just ‘be’ for a little bit is very, very special. Great energy, great people. Plus, the content itself is mind blowing. It’ll change your life."
Ben R.
“The way the concepts are taught and how you can implement them into your life with simplicity and just completely shift your trajectory is a game changer."
Johnny H.
“This is my first personal development seminar and I’m glad I haven’t been anywhere else because this just makes complete sense. It’s the missing link. I feel I have so much clarity, so much focus, and I feel a lot of relief. I’m really excited about life and about going out and creating.”
Baljit K.
“Now I’ve got some really good tools in my bag that, when reality kicks back in and you’re doing the normal stuff of everyday life, you can go into your toolbox and feel relieved that there’s a way forward.”
Anne C.

Event Schedule


6-8pm | Meet & Greet


8-9am | Meet & Greet

9-12am | Training

1-3pm | Training

3-6pm | Break, Networking & Reflection

6-8pm | Dinner & Graduation


We’ll be training at a stunning resort estate 20 mins northwest of downtown Austin.

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