Prime Light Meditation - Guided Audio

This simple 20 minute guided recording will take you step by step, word by word, through the entire 4 phase process, you just have to listen to it and it does all the work! 

So, find somewhere quiet and comfortable to lay (or sit, if you prefer), and begin…

Phase 1: Presence

Your body settles a bit, and your mind relaxes.

Phase 2: Active Appreciation

Your mind focuses on the positives that are always there (somewhere at least!)

Phase 3: Pre-Paving 

Your intentions or objectives are mentally embraced and rehearsed… this has the wonderful effect of “normalizing” your biggest goals and making them feel like the natural next step, which makes them happen a lot faster.

Phase 4: Allowing and Receiving

This is where you tap into “Cosmic Google”, or maybe something bigger. It just sort of comes through you.  There’s an energy that does everything from form new ideas to inspire wonderful emotions.

I have even heard of people feeling a lot better physically after a few times of doing this even with physical injuries or illness. I don’t understand how it works, but it just does… and so I started sharing it. 

Ready to go solo now...?

Purchase the full Prime Light Meditation program and learn how to experience Prime Light in silence. Prime Light is designed to make staying in alignment with your Purpose effortless,
and to help you to "pre-pave" the achievement of your goals and the arrival of your desires, adding a beautiful predictability to your creations. Five instructional videos, one Q&A, plus a bonus video about TimePiercing - a technique that, when implemented in conjunction with Prime Light Meditation, will give you an added boost for creating your own best future - and past. A boost that is so effective and magical, it could almost be considered an unfair advantage...