A conscious strategic design and construction of an aligned “Avatar” that will stand the test of time, optimized for joyful expansion while allowing for flexibility, growth and adaptations according to your evolving needs and creative opportunities into the next decade and beyond.


Strategic Crafting of Ideal Beliefs

The “surface code” of your guidance system, beliefs (thoughts repeated enough to have a momentum of their own) form the rudder of behavior and intent. 

Upgrading your beliefs frees up massive power to be present and automatically guide your behavior in the positive direction of your highest outcomes. No discipline, willpower or forcing yourself when this is in place.

Conscious Design of Core Values

The “mid code” of your guidance system, values determine what we gravitate towards or move away from. 

Values which are outdated and out of alignment with your vision create intense inner conflict and resistance, making for sloppy manifestation and inconsistent creation.

Realtime Access to Cosmic Google / Higher Self

The “deep code” of intuition and the source of well being, vibrant living and certainty on demand. 

Tapping into this information stream is like having the best coach in the universe giving you second by second instructions… an unmistakable connection to your highest and best energies, quickly converted into thought and words. 

This is how I create, deliver my live experiences, and quite candidly, live. The freedom in this is indescribable, and the positive impact on others, unparalleled.

Identity Upgrade Syntax

How to transition gracefully and powerfully into this new experience of being, by organizing the shifts into a healthy and natural order that builds on each stage.

Physical Expansion Protocols

Rituals and best practices for radical self care. Get
younger by using infinite intelligence to heal, repair and inform body functions.

Conscious Communication & Intuitive Influence

Training to become a compelling speaker through tapping into flow states and the aforementioned Cosmic Google access.

Leadership 2.0

Become a trusted guide through the practice of presence and co-create with those who are attracted to you. 

We will cover the Six Lenses of HyperPresence, a system of listening that creates powerful, transcendent connections with people.

Money Mindset & Wealth Magnetism

Accelerating the flow and expansion of income by releasing inner resistance to receiving… become a true magnet to money and attract the ideal systems for growing multiple streams of income. 

We will also make sure you have sustainable plans for the deployment (and enjoyment!) of the money that arrives.


An intuitive combination of deep inquiry, cooperative dialogue, focused reflection and time piercing, so that the best possibilities emerge from inspired imagination into actionable, inspired steps. We will build this as we go, and arrive at a highly customized system that you can rely on for a lifetime.


Taking place over 3 months, this project will include weekly sessions, text contact and 2 in- person private days in a location determined by 3 rolls of the dice.

You already know that the expansion of your capacity, resilience and creativity has created the life you now lead.

This program, Operation Avatar Upgrade is designed to give select highly accomplished individuals the tools to craft a new inner reality that lasts over a lifetime of giving, growth and gain.

If this resonates with you, I welcome a conversation to answer questions and share the exact details of what the material could do for you, your mind, your body and your future.

Email or text me personally at 512-872-0877 so we can explore the possibilities of working together.