Welcome To The Legacy Group. This is a powerful members-only community packed with everything you need to construct, create, and amplify your results.

You’ll find a diverse group of people in this group from all walks of life. It’s a place where dreams are realized through education, training, support and action. It’s a community, a family, and a support group that’s about you, your life, your success, and your results.

This reference guide is here to help you with accessing your materials, recall what content your membership includes, reinforce the values of Legacy, and answer some frequently asked questions. 

We provide a link to this page within the Facebook group as well, so you’ll also be one click away from this resource. 



Accessing Your Kajabi Library

All our courses are kept in Kajabi. For your first log-in, you should have received an email with a temporary username and password. 

If you at any time you forget your username or password, click the link below and select “Reset Password”. Your account is tied to whichever email you used to sign up for Legacy. 



From the Library page you can then access each of your individual trainings. Your progress will be saved as you go through each course. 

Legacy Facebook Group

Here is the link to the Legacy Facebook Group:

When you first go to the group, you’ll need to request access to join. You’ll then type in the same email address you used to sign up for Legacy.

Once you’re in the group, you’ll see under “Group Description” a link back to this page if you ever need it. 

If you want to quickly see older Sunday Sermon & Mondays with Mike material, click the “Units” tab and you’ll see an archived module of all previous videos. 


The PrimeLight Method (Meditation)

Jesse’s 4-Phase Meditation Framework for daily recharge, relaxation and clarity. It’s designed to help you stay in alignment with your Purpose and help you “pre-pave” the achievement of your goals and the arrival of your desires adding predictability to your creations. 

Many people have reported feeling lighter, stronger, more confident and more powerful after just a single 20 minute session.

Wealth Frequency Upgrade

This course will take you through the critical steps of “UnBlocking” your old money stories… your old patterns that have kept you stuck, broke, or unhappy with your money.

You’ll find yourself quickly and easily taking the actions everyday that add up to real life financial improvements… This can happen so fast, you may wonder where the money was all this time.

Power Life Principles

Tools are only as effective as the power you have within yourself to apply them. 

Mike Kemski’s Power Life Principles course, based on his best-selling book “Change Your Energy, Change Your Life,”  unravels the lessons he has learned on how anyone, regardless of circumstances, can build a new and better universe. 

Journal Secrets

Journaling is the link between your conscious, subconscious and “The Superconscious.” Failure to understand and use this connection with intention causes massive suffering.

The Journaling Secrets program guides you step by step through the exact system Jesse uses for manifestation, health, energy, creativity and just good old fashioned luck.


The Sunday Sermon (Jesse & Mike)

Every Sunday Jesse & Mike hop on Facebook Live for a deep dive conversation. 

There’s a powerful topic every week, and the opportunity for everyone in Legacy to ask questions and receive support.

Mondays with Mike (Power Life Principles in Action)

Every Monday Mike goes Live to review one of the 11 Power Principles and offer guidance to the Legacy community. 


As a Legacy member, you unlock free access to all trainings & challenges that are priced at $100 or less. We release multiple new trainings per year, so as long as you’re an active Legacy member, you’ll gain immediate access.

Ultimate Sleep Upgrade

Discover the Best Sleep of Your Life.

How to Access: Automatically added to your Kajabi Library.

Cultivating Confidence

Learn to Build Real, Lasting Confidence.

How to Access: Automatically added to your Kajabi Library.

21 Day Upgraded Life Challenge

A worldwide experience of connection, growth and transformation. 

How to Access: We host Upgraded Life challenges every 3-4 months, and you’ll gain instant, free access to each new challenge as an active Legacy member. 


Free Mini-Courses & Lecture Content

Legacy members get free access to all course material under $100. This content will be automatically added to your Kajabi Library as we roll courses out.

Discounts on Premium Courses & Live Events

You will always get preferred tuition for any live event or deep dive training we do.

Local Meetups

On their travels, Mike and Jesse will always work in a “Legacy Local” meetup where time allows when they roll through your town. 

It’s as simple as meeting for coffee or lunch for an hour or two and it’s a great time to get some face to face time for everyone that comes out.


Follow these simple guidelines + bring your badass self to get the most of out Legacy.

1. Just Be Cool!

In other words, treat people with respect, honesty, integrity, kindness, and compassion. Even if that might mean a gentle nudge from time to time. Always maintain respect.

2. Post & Be Active!

Share Your Successes & Be Supportive Of Others Success (Support their Success).

Encouraging others is a very empowering energy. Both for them and for yourself. The more you celebrate success the more you create and amplify the energy of success.

It also creates  some of the most empowering and strong friendships we’ve seen form from in a community.

3. Do the Work!

Don’t just feel good, do good (be a good doer).

A tool is only as powerful as the person using it. If you’re desire is to chop down an old dead tree to make firewood, you can stare at the sharpest axe in the world. Admire the axe. Feel really great about the blade on the axe. But the axe is only as powerful as you.

You get stronger and increase your capacity with each swing of the axe and the capacity of the tool can be reached. But ONLY to the level you use it.

This applies to The Power Life Principles, Prime Light Meditations, Journal Secrets, Wealth Frequency Upgrade, and every other tool.

DO THE WORK! Use the tools, Apply the new power, strength, and capacity into some form of action, and create real results!

Results are the core function of The Legacy Group. Because the better results you get, the more the strength, power, and usefulness of The Legacy Group expands for all of us, including you.

4. Don't Solicit.

Don’t solicit within Legacy or reach out to members to sell your stuff outside of Legacy, unless they approach you first. This is simply not tolerated. The Legacy Group is a safe and protected community of support and empowerment.

It’s not a networking group to solicit business from. And it’s not a dating site.

While there have been many results in increased business success from a few hundred dollars to six figure months, and friendships and even a romantic relationship or two have blossomed from the powerful connections here, none of it happens through “tug boat” type solicitation. It’s all evolved very naturally through attraction, inspiration, and observation of action.


Most people start with Primelight, since meditation is the foundation of so many positive changes in our lives.

But as you’ll hear time and again in Legacy, we recommend just trusting your instincts and going with whatever pulls at you. And, you can always ask the group what they did. You’ll get loads of useful feedback to help guide you if needed.

Introduce yourself! Write a post, or better yet, record a short video. Say hi to everyone and tell us a little about yourself & your goals. 

We promise you the community will welcome you with open arms <3

Your $299 Legacy membership is billed every three months, and gives you continued access to the Legacy community, exclusive content, and Legacy discounts on events and premium trainings.

If a Legacy member is either A) soliciting you for business B) acting inappropriately or making you feel uncomfortable, here are steps you can take.

1. Attempt to resolve the issue with the person yourself. Part of the teachings in Legacy is stepping into your own power, and oftentimes, simply expressing your feelings honestly and opening a dialogue with that person can resolve an issue. Often people are unaware of the problems they are causing.

2. Email support@jesseelder.com with a report of the person and the issue you’re experiencing. We’ll first reach out to that person. If we determine that they are acting against our Legacy values, we’ll single them a single warning. If you continue to experience problems after this, we will act swiftly and remove that person from the group.

Your initial investment into Legacy gives you lifetime access to the four primary Legacy courses – PrimeLight, Power Life Principles, Journal Secrets & Wealth Frequency Upgrade.

All additional “bonus” courses (i.e. Ultimate Sleep Upgrade, Cultivating Confidence) will be removed from your Kajabi library if you cancel membership, and of course, you’ll lose access to all Facebook-exclusive content like the Sunday Sermons and Mondays with Mike and Legacy perks like free access to new 21 Day Challenges.

If you wish to leave Legacy, email support@jesseelder.com and we’ll cancel your subscription.

If you ever have questions about your membership or feedback on how we could make Legacy even better, please email support@jesseelder.com.