Are You Ready To Transform Lives, Work From Anywhere, & Get Paid What You’re Worth?

For the helpers of humans – the coaches & consultants, the teachers & trainers, for the free thinkers making an impact through a business & life of service to others… this is for you.

This is the place for qualified “helpers of humans” – whether you’re a coach, consultant, healer…anyone who makes a living by helping people in a meaningful way. 

Our members include those who help people with their social and intimate relationships, their family dynamics and their leadership skills. 

Some help people with their bodies through healing, optimizing, biohacking, nutrition. 

Others specialize in mental and emotional help with everything from improving mindset, eliminating limiting beliefs, meditation and mindfulness, moving people past their money blocks through building marketing systems, helping them with tech, or just plain making more sales. 

In short, the one thing that Freedom Teachers is their sincere desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others while being rewarded handsomely..

Actually, more than handsomely. Some of our members are among the highest paid people in their industries. 

For example, one of our members, Andy, who had made $5000 dollars sharing his wisdom the year before applying this material. 

The next year, he discovered this material, immediately applied it, and went on to bring in $250,000. That is a 50x increase. 

I guess some people are happy with a “mere” 10x 😉 

It’s not ONLY about the money… we just know that the money we receive reflects someone’s powerful decision to change their life in a powerful way. 


For those who require only the very best in marketing, sales, and service…

For those who wish to make truckloads of cash every week (every day, if you want), while making a meaningful, measurable difference in the lives and families of those you’re serving…

Freedom Teachers Academy will help you to achieve that. 

If you’re still reading this, that means you’re either intrigued, curious or you might have a real ambition to break through to the next level in your own business.

Freedom Teacher Academy Success Stories

Kirsten Boersma 2


“I’ve redesigned my continuity offer for current clients. Which immediately led to €17.5K revenue. I’m consciously doing more offers now by finding more opportunities to do the offers. There is a lot more focus. And I’ve gone from 13k average monthly revenue to 18k average.”

Tom Coleman 1


As a result of being a member of the Freedom Teachers Academy I’ve gone from having no training or experience in personal development coaching to making a $3,200 a month currently by working with 2 private clients.”

Sean Bastock


“I closed my highest paid client, achieved 2x record months, launched my first online program, and have the ability to replicate results on demand from the knowledge and systems in Freedom Teachers Academy.” 

Who Freedom Teachers Is For

Even though this powerful material has has been tested successfully in dozens of industries and in real-world face to face selling situations, the Academy program itself is reserved for people who meet the following criteria:  

  1. Must have some experience already working with and helping people.
  2. Must have a beginner’s mind.
  3. Must show up to study, train and apply without excuses, whining, or drama.
  4. Must be ready to begin ASAP.
  5. Must have an extremely strong desire to get your sales system up and running FAST so you can start getting sales.

The Secret To Getting Paid What You're Worth

The heart of FTA is the Freedom Teachers sales system. 

This is the exact system that I used to sell millions of dollars in Martial Arts memberships as I built that business from a 800 sq ft. rented space in a fitness center up to a multi-million dollar enterprise with 8 facilities that served over 1,200 students every week. 

This system has also been taught and applied successfully by financial advisors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, hypnotists, digital marketing agencies, martial arts instructors, yoga teachers, business coaches, relationship coaches, artists, musicians, physical product sellers, and many more.

The one thing all of these successes have in common is their sincere desire to make a massive difference in the lives of others and to be paid accordingly.

If you are not reaching your financial goals…

if you are not making daily and weekly sales that afford you and your family a life of freedom…

And if you have been struggling with this for anything longer than a couple of weeks…

I invite you to consider that more time is not going to make a difference. 

In fact, the more time that goes by without seeing a dramatic improvement in your sales, the harder it will be to make a change. 

The reason for this is simple. As human beings, we are exceedingly good at getting used to anything. 

Sure, we can say we don’t want to be struggling, we can tell ourselves that money isn’t that important, or that we ONLY care about helping people, but really, these are all excuses and justifications – the attitude of a defensive mind and the reason why you might be staying stuck. 

I know because I used to do this. 

I was fortunate enough, however, to have great coaches and mentors early in my life who I was able to learn from and apply what I learned with immediate results. 

Freedom Teachers Academy is the result of a lifetime spent on the front lines of productivity. 

Our graduates are seeing powerful results in the form of peace of mind, clarity of focus, a stronger community and, of course, sales. 

You’re obviously a free human being with the mature adult ability to make whatever choice you like. 

What I’m offering here is the chance to become part of an amazing group of people who have grown tired of the slow lane, tired of justifying their position, who have sucked it up, looked in the mirror, and told themself the truth that if their business is going to grow, they must grow first. 

Assuming you meet the qualifications above…

Assuming that you are no longer willing to justify where you’re at…

And assuming that you’re ready to do what it takes to ethically but swiftly start having sales come in so that you can get straight to the business of what you came to the planet to do – to be an example of possibility, to change lives, and to live as free as your mind can imagine and your heart can desire…

Then I invite you to join Freedom Teachers Academy.

Inside you’ll find easy-to-understand content that is controversial, entertaining, and above all else, results-producing, from yours truly.

What makes this program different is it’s based on experiential learning, not just a bunch of words. 

Of course you will learn the exact phrases, and the exact dialogue that has generated millions of dollars in revenue. 

But you will also be issued challenges every week to expand your skills, your beliefs, your mindset and your habits to become the wealthiest, most influential version of yourself that you’ve dreamed of.

Freedom Teacher Academy Success Stories

Caramie Baker


“Since FTA, I’ve had a 300% increase in my sales. Three weeks into the program I made my first sale, and then another, at $1499, all with a 30 minute powerful call … Since then I have maintained consistent sales.

About two months into FTA I quit my day job of 17 years and cleared up my entire schedule to devote my time to being a freedom teacher. I am now making offers for private clients at $5k a piece which is something I never thought I could do.

My relationship with my husband is better than ever, now instead of having money arguments or frustration, we sit down and get excited looking at our accounts and what we are creating together.”

Tim Nicosia


I’ve been able to drop 2 days of work. I’m seeing the same number of clients, over fewer hours, making more money, and with less overhead. I feel amazing every day and only do the things I am inspired to do. The funny thing is that inspiration helps me to get more done and in an easy and playful way.”

Marije Vogelzang 2


I have created an online course (which I never even thought of doing) and generated €40.000 with this first one. I have finished the course (it was 12 weeks) and have gained confidence and experience. I sent my clients a survey and have received very moving stories on how they felt stuck but now see new potential, feel more confident, have started new businesses and now create every day.”

What's Inside Freedom Teacher Academy Expanded Edition?

Freedom Teachers Academy was originally taught live over 12 weeks in a private Facebook group.

Those live trainings have now been combined with exclusive bonus material and other enhancements, to create this Expanded Edition of the FTA program. 

The Academy includes…
  • 22 Recorded Training Sessions (Delivered over 10 Weeks)
  • Weekly Action Items & Downloads
  • The Entrepreneur Collection: My library of existing professional development courses. 
  • Bonus Content (including unreleased material from our 2-day FTA Live event in Austin TX, my 4-hour Conscious Cashflow Triad sales training, and more).
  • The Compendium: A resource library, referencing key concepts, strategies and tools.


When you join Freedom Teachers Academy, you also gain lifetime access to “The Entrepreneur Collection,” my library of professional development programs I’ve released over the past 5 years. This includes:

$500 per session x 22 sessions = $12,200 value

Special Sessions & Bonus Content = $2,500 value

The Collection Programs =  $8,500 (original value)

Total value of everything you get is $24,700. 

However, to reward those who are ready to take swift action, we’re offering the entire Freedom Teachers Academy: Expanded Edition program for only $3,000 (a fraction of the value).

If you’ve read this far and this message has resonated with you, thank you. 

I trust you will make the decision that feels right to you.



Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course delivered?

The Freedom Teachers Academy program is hosted on Teachable (a leading e-learning platform) and is delivered in modules over 10 weeks.

Is there a Money Back guarantee?

We offer a 300% guarantee – this program works 100%, for 100% of the people, who work it 100%. If, after going through the program and applying the material, you have not gotten significant, measurable results, we’ll gladly refund your investment. 



Is there a Payment Plan available?

Payment Plan – Two payments of $1650.

I have skills and a desire to help people, but I don’t have a business yet. Is Freedom Teachers right for me?

Absolutely. As you can see from graduates on this page, this program is highly valuable for those just starting out, as well as people who already have established businesses.


Dean Graham 1


“FTA (through the tools and mindset work) has allowed me to create two new revenue streams. One added to my current business, letting me follow my dreams more closely rather than doing what “others” in my space have done.

And this new offering alone has easily tripled my investment in FTA! I have many wonderful new clients and one client has increased their involvement with me by 250%!

Thank you 60% increase in leads and a 75% increase in sales!”

Andrea Hoogendorn


“I’ve achieved significant growth in my clarity and confidence, and increased my number of clients (+200%) and revenue (+350%).”

Dominik Leiter


“I’ve become the best version of myself yet (-16 kgs, very positive and open through, among others, frequent PLM practice, increased power after a severe injury), which I learned to be a prerequisite for helping others. On that basis, I started a series of successful events and had my first coaching incomes that doubled after the first month. Rather effortless.”