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To all you badass Mother Truckers who joined me in the 21 Day Upgraded Life Challenge – Thank You. The past three weeks have been incredible, and it was only possible because of your passion, trust, and commitment to your own growth.

If you’d like to continue this journey together, I’m extending a limited-time invitation to join Legacy – our members-only Facebook group – and unlock 3 of my premium personal development courses. 

In Legacy, people from all walks of life share the journey to greater success and prosperity.

From people just getting started to multi-millionaires, best selling authors and some of the world’s top coaches, our members are people just like you who are committed to making their vision a reality. 

I’ll be here to help and guide you every step of the way.  We connect daily in the group and I also do live Q&A sessions.

Here’s what you get when you join Legacy…


Success is easier when you have a tribe.

Join a Community of Spiritual Gangsters

The Legacy Group is full of growth-minded individuals at every stage of life who are here to offer support and hold each other accountable. 

Receive Ongoing Support & Training

From my “Sunday Sermon” weekly Q&A livestreams, group accountability calls and free access to new trainings, you’ll be receiving consistant level ups to help in your journey.

For example, if you noticed some Legacy members in the 21 Day Challenge, it’s because all Legacy members got into the challenge free of charge 🙂

Get Special Discounts on Live Events

As a Legacy member, you receive exclusive discounts on live events, including our next Legacy Live event and my upcoming Upgraded Life US Tour. 

"I am SOOO excited. Everything you are teaching, Jesse, resonates deeply with me. You have brought together ideas I've been exploring, and gathering, for many years. NOW it is becoming clear and PRACTICAL. Thank you so much. I APPRECIATE that YOU and the Prime Light community has come into my life. PERFECT timing. OF COURSE!"
Kirby Gillispie
"In the past week since joining Legacy and applying Jesse's tools and upgrades I've gone from making 9 an hour to conversations about promotion to landscaping for twelve an hour to accepting a job at 15 an hour to having jobs come to me at 20+ an hour!! Results!"
Riley Shavus
"Landed a $10,000/month deal this week, which is great, but I'm even more stoked about all our other business and life developments like 2 weeks in Tulum coming up and 4 days of 5 star hotel madness in NYC this summer.Those are great results, but it's even better to have this new mind space based on the legacy training. I'm unfuckwithable 90% of the time now."
Justin Sturges


With your Legacy membership, you'll also gain lifetime access to three of my premium personal development courses: Wealth Frequency Upgrade, PrimeLight Meditation and Journaling Secrets.

During the Challenge I revealed a few of the techniques from these courses. With Legacy you'll unlock the full trainings - over 15+ hours of video content.

Wealth Frequency Upgrade

$997 Value (FREE)

This training will take you through the critical steps of “UnBlocking” your old money stories… your old patterns that have kept you stuck, broke, or unhappy with your money.

You’ll find yourself quickly and easily taking the actions everyday that add up to real life financial improvements… This can happen so fast, you may wonder where the money was all this time.

PrimeLight Meditation

$697 Value (FREE)

My 4-Phase Meditation Framework for daily recharge, relaxation and clarity. It’s designed to help you stay in alignment with your Purpose and help you “pre-pave” the achievement of your goals and the arrival of your desires adding predictability to your creations. 

 Many people have reported feeling lighter, stronger, more confident and more powerful after just a single 20 minute session.

Journaling Secrets

$697 Value (FREE)

Journaling is the link between your conscious, subconscious and “The Superconscious.” Failure to understand and use this connection with intention causes massive suffering.

The Journal Secrets program not only guides you step by step through the exact system I use for manifestation, health, energy, creativity and just good old fashioned luck.

The money map- wow!! It really is as powerful as you said it will be! I got the amount that I wanted for the 4 weeks and a bit more;) I don’t think I would have done that without the money map. I already increased the number for the next 4 weeks and I know I will get that in too:)" Love it! Thank you so much Jesse!"
Kerly Saarkoppel
On Wealth Frequency Upgrade
I signed up less than a week ago. I have journaled every day and meditated 4 times. My life has already changed! I am excited to see what's next. AMAZEBALLS! Thank you, Jesse!"
Dru Overwijk
On Journal Secrets & PrimeLight Meditation
I was watching the third Primelight video when it finally dawned on me that I’d won the freakin Lottery!!!! This stuff is really powerful and resonating like crazy with me. Jesse’s calm, intense and honest delivery is amazing...I am feeling the Love and am actively Appreciating this experience…”
Mike Miller
On PrimeLight Meditation


The Upgraded Life Challenge $99 discount offer expired on Sunday, June 3. Legacy is now it’s original price of $397.


$ 397
  • Wealth Frequency Upgrade Course
  • PrimeLight Meditation Course
  • Journaling Secrets Course
  • 3 Month Legacy Group Access