Who is Jesse Elder? 

On behalf of the other powerful individuals here who are on the path of Self Mastery, I’d like to welcome you to this site.

It is my intention to bring you the best of what I’ve learned during my studies and travels so that you might experience yourself thinking – and acting – in a way that truly honors your gifts in this world.

My own journey to Self Mastery unfolded as I grew up in a family of 7. Being home-schooled, I was given the gift by my parents of being largely self directed in my education and spent hours reading and exploring ideas and subjects that interested me.

At the age of 9 I was introduced to martial arts and a deep connection was made.

Hitting the mats every week became a ritual for me and I began to experiment with my own combinations and ideas for practicing, while rising through the ranks and competing in local tournaments.

Martial arts became a passion and it wasn’t long before I got a job teaching martial arts for children at an after school program.I didn’t know it at the time, but this training would play a powerful role later on when a serious family event occurred while we were living in south Texas – the arrest of my father for a crime of conscience; helping Central American refugees get to a bus stop.He was later acquitted in Federal court but the experience left a deep impression in my mind – and I learned that the power of the mind to focus during a crisis is an essential skill.I came out of my teenage years with a big lesson:

Some things in life are too important to ignore and even though it may be uncomfortable, risky or painful...You must do what YOU think is the right thing.

By the age of 20 I’d competed throughout the US and Mexico in a variety of tournaments ranging from local semi-contact matches to full blown, no-holds-barred events where the winner was the last man standing after brutal rounds with no weight classes, no safety equipment and no rules.




Your life is meant to be lived as fully as your imagination and courage will allow.


Your thoughts are the most powerful thing in the Universe.


Thoughts create feelings… and feelings are more powerful than most people will ever know.

These lessons learned as a result of direct experience gave me deep insights into the secrets of effective living; principles that I would later share through my teachings and classes.

Armed with this knowledge and experience, I completed a winning season with a record of 9 wins and 1 loss and retired from full contact fighting to open my first martial school in San Antonio, Texas.​

"I couldn’t have been more wrong! I figured out in the first few weeks that if I didn’t learn how to tell people what I was doing – and prove to them that what I had would change their lives for the better – that I’d go out of business.

The excitement that I felt in opening that school was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. The thrill of being 100% free to make my own decisions about growing my school was electrifying. But I quickly realized that being a good fighter, being a good teacher and being a good businessman were three TOTALLY different things. I made the classic mistake of thinking that just because I could fight, and because I loved to teach, that people would come flocking to my door."

Using the same Results Only Mindset learned in the ring, I sought out whatever information I could find on how to make my school a success. By focusing on the student’s personal goals and striving to make each class a positive, uplifting and energizing experience, the school was a hit… and I became positively obsessed with taking what I’d learned and making it better. Eventually this focus led to the development of a unique system combining the best personal development and business training for martial arts school owners and I began teaching other school owners what I’d learned.

During an exciting and challenging journey, along with great mentors and business partners, we opened 7 more locations. I spent my spare time in building a coaching practice where I got to work side by side with other successful entrepreneurs on their strategy design and tactical approaches that amplified their results, making them more money and building a business that worked for them  (not a job that required their full time attention).

These coaching relationships brought a new awareness and I decided to focus my energy 100% on working with entrepreneurs. In 2012 I approached my top mentor and partner who took full control and ownership of what had become a multi-million dollar operation with 8 locations.

I figured I would continue to enjoy the work with my private students in business… But after the sale of my schools, it hit me.

The big ideas that had changed my life so much, taking me from a shy home schooled kid to a successful entrepreneur and passionate lifelong participant of leading edge experiences…

These BIG IDEAS were not just for martial artists and not just for entrepreneurs.

They were for ANYONE who desired more out of their life.

For someone who wanted to have a more fulfilled life.

To be happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser.

This website is the result, and it’s here that you’ll find the “vault” of Mind Vitamin Videos at your disposal.

Each video is done for you from a place of inspiration. This means I never actually know when they’ll happen – or even what I’ll be sharing – but it’s my intention that you use each one as a reminder of what’s true for you. I am very much a co-creator with you on this, and am appreciative beyond belief at the feedback and examples people from all over the world have shared as a result of adding these videos to their daily routine.

Thank you for visiting and may you continue to enjoy the experience of your dreams coming true.

Jesse Elder