The Personal Path

To Health, Wealth and Happiness

Stage House was created as a way for people who want to experience more success to do so. It is a community of both action and philosophy because you can’t have one without the other and expect to be successful.

We welcome anyone who is committed to experiencing a better life, committed developing their own values, committed to growing and strengthening their own vision.We’d love to have you as a part of the community.

Simple meditation practice allows you to experience heightened mental clarity, achieve deep inner peace, receive “cosmic downloads” of insight and intuition, and fuel your life with source energy…...

With meditation you’ll be able to find the answer to any question your brain can possibly imagine. Whether you need guidance in your relationships, or your career, the perfect solution already exists…And The Prime Light Meditation is engineered help you receive it.

There are three essential ingredients to a life of success and fulfillment. Purpose is the core ring.…it is your own personal reason for being. Path is the center ring….it is the direction your life is going. Plan is the outer ring.…it is the world of action and doing, time management and goals.

You deserve to make these a priority and be immersed in a new state of being. The choice is yours. Will you accept the challenge and get started?

We strive to succeed, yet starve for inner peace. We rush to arrive, yet crave simple enjoyment. In a fast-changing world, become the master of your Self. Master your thoughts, emotions and perspective. Your future is NOT written yet. All that matters is what you will do right NOW.

This program is about how you experience your thoughts and feelings and how you can upgrade your relationships. Are you ready for self-mastery?

The beautiful part is that when you are bring more of yourself to the world, you become a better person. You become the best version of yourself and you get better and better over time.You can be the best version of yourself in whatever roles you express your own essence through.

The Gift contains two of my most impactful recorded meditations, which have never before been offered for sale outside of my high end training programs.

“The 4 Phase Meditation” is your offense. It uses a very specific technique called “prepaving” to literally sow seeds in your own mind that will blossom the next day or next week. This technique allows you to gain incredible control of your focus so that you can spot opportunities you didn’t see before… with no resistance. All it takes is prepaving to get a clear picture of what you want in life (financial goals, health goals, relationship goals, freedom, energy etc.) and accomplish it.

“The New Normal - World on Pause Meditation” is your defense. It allows you to, quite literally, stop everything that you’re doing and put the world on pause. If you unhook yourself regularly from all the chaos, problems and noise in your world… you’ll begin to see a profound change in your perspective.

All it take is 12 minutes day to experience the fullness of the world and engage life with authenticity, power and clarity.